In the game there are many chores that you can do around the house to earn powerups to make your work as a daddy easier.

(general chores give you a random powerup. Special chores give you a specific powerup)

As this game develops more chores will be available but as of now here is a list

  • Put the toys away (general) put all toys away in the living room
  • Put the cloths away (general) in the bedroom, put all the folded cloths away
  • Put battery in smoke detector (general) The smoke detector is always in the kitchen but the battery can spawn anywhere that pills can and sometimes wont spawn at all
  • wash the baby (general) wet the soap then put it on the baby (baby does not need to be in the tub)
  • cooking for baby (special) get the frying pan and put it on the stove, get your choice of meat and put it on the pan, finally turn on the stove.
  • nuke that pill (special) put a pill in the microwave and put it in for 20:00. Eat it

When a chore is done you will get a powerup:

  • Peek a Boo! (general) you become invisible
  • Say Momma (general) can see the location of items around the map
  • DadBod (general) can pick up large object (ex. couch, table etc.)
  • Master chef (special, cooking for baby) all food heals double
  • Breaking dad (special, nuke that pill) can eat dangerous objects such as trash and batteries