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Glitches in Who's Your Daddy are commonplace as of current due to the game still being in alpha. However, some have been fixed and there are still some around, most of the ones still around are mostly visual glitches.

List of currently known glitches Edit

  • Headless Baby Glitch: It requires the player playing as the baby to turn his or her mouse sensitivity up to a very high level and start looking around and moving the head rapidly. Eventually, the head will disappear as the game loses track of its location. Unfortunately it will cause the player who performed the glitch to have his screen turn light blue. There is no current solution as to how to reverse the effects of the glitch once it has been done.
  • Tumbleweed glitch: When the taser is used the person (or people) who got tasered will freak out and will resemble tumbleweeds. There is a slight chance that after the taser effect wears off, the person stays like that. If this does happen then it makes it harder to aim the laser as it is constantly moving around.
    • Taser glitch FIXED: The taser glitch is a fixed up glitch that would permanently freeze a player.