Who's Your Daddy is about an incompetent dad trying to keep his infant son from committing suicide in a variety of ways.

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Who's Your Daddy involves two players - the daddy and the baby. The daddy's goal is to prevent any harm from happening to the baby until 4:00 (when mom gets home). The baby's goal is to kill itself, using any available source, such as drowning, electrocution, poisoning, overheating, etc. As of January 12, the game is in alpha v0.4.0. It is available as early access on Steam.

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  • discussion page Talk:Items
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: There’s a dildo in the top drawer on the right of the bed in the parents bedroom....
  • new page Mommy
    created by DeskPlaysFNaF
    New page: Mommy is the third character in Who's your Daddy and the only unplayable one. BackgroundEdit Mommy went out, leaving her son with his Dad. She goes...
  • new page Daddy
    created by DeskPlaysFNaF
    New page: Daddy is the first playable character in Who's your Daddy Contents[show] BackgroundEdit When Mommy went out, baby started trying to kill himself....
  • new page Baby
    created by DeskPlaysFNaF
    New page: Add Video Add Image The Baby is the second playable character in Who's your daddy Contents[show] BackgroundEdit Baby is a very irresponsible...

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